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Luxur Artificial Grass

For Retail & Rental

Selected Best Raw Material



A high quality artificial grass first adopted the hybrid technology with the introduction of multiple colors, which incorporates the new tan thatch color for the perfection stimulation of natural grass

Luxur Series 

Liveturf - Luxur Grass

The safety of Artificial Grass 


Liveturf Luxur Series select RoHS Directive approved (Restrictions of Hazardous Substance) raw materials in its manufacturing process, all products are free from Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Hexavalent Chromium


The Real Grass like feeling


Liveturf Simulates not merely visual effect of natural grass but also its testure, softness and resilience. The excellent quality of Liveturf has gained us a very good reputation in the market

10500/sqm of Density

Up to 84000/sqm for SPIIA,

Exceed 2X the density compared to traditional


  • utilizes the SPINEGRASS™ technology 

  • recommended for upscale residential

  • and commercial properties

  • your dog and pet safe for use


Get a FREE Sample WITHOUT registration


Curious on how our products look like? Why don't get a free sample from us?

Please leave your contact for free sample.


Green WITHOUT Maintenance Cost

Green WITHOUT Maintenance Cost

Do you know watering your lawn at your garden makes up approximately 70% or your water bill each month? Liveturf requires very easy installation work and Zero maintenance. Our clients are happy to focus more on their daily life.



Norms & Standard

Our complied international standards offer you the best technical performance and durability. We guarantee a minimum 5 years comprehensive product warranty and our product usually last more than 10 years.

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