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Keeping the main surface artificial grass field wet can prevent hurting

Artificial grass mats known up to now consist of artificial blades of grass, made of plastics like for instance polypropylene, polyethylene and teflon, which are provided on a support layer. Said fields are widely used to play ball sports like soccer and hockey but have a well-known disadvantage. When someone falls down on the artificial grass and especially upon making a sliding-tackle on it high temperatures are locally developed which may cause nasty wounds.

Generally, one tries to prevent such hurting by keeping the main surface artificial turf field wet by means of liquid supply means. However it is difficult to adjust the amount of water required and it generally requires a lot of water to keep the artificial field of grass sufficient wet to avoid severe injuries upon sliding on the field. Moreover, during spraying water over said main surface the field is out of order for playing the game.

Water can enter the hollow cores through the same openings. A disadvantage of this known synthetic grass system is the limited amount of water which may be absorbed and stored in the grass blades and accordingly may subsequently be released upon playing on the field.

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