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Importance of Stability Of the Artificial Grass Surface

There are a number of attributes that are considered to be very important when it comes to the nature of an artificial grass surface. In this instance we are talking about the way the surface performs as a sporting surface. The sports artificial grass, also referred commonly to asartificial turf, has a primary obligation to performance rather than to looking like natural grass. For this reason there is a lot of technology that goes into the production of the top quality synthetic grasses.

One of the performance aspects of using synthetic turf is the rate of injury that is experienced on a particular turf compared both to other types of artificial grass as well as in comparison to natural grass. There have been claims that artificial turf playing surfaces are responsible for a greater number of injuries, but the studies have proven otherwise.

An independent study has shown that the use of synthetic turf has resulted in significantly fewer neural and cranial injuries and it has gone on to show that the injuries that players have suffered are less severe resulting in less time lost due to their injuries. All of these impact injuries infer that landing on synthetic grass during the course of competition is far less traumatic than landing on a natural grass surface.

When it comes to the very minor injuries such as abrasions, contusions and lacerations and other small knocks that result in losing no game time it has been found that artificial grass surfaces produce a greater number. The thing is, though, that slightly larger injuries, those that result in 1 or 2 days of time lost during injury, were sustained on natural grass surfaces.

What most studies have shown is that while the rate of injury between natural and synthetic turf surfaces were relatively similar, the amount of time lost due to injury, the way the injury occurred and the part of the body that was injured differed dramatically.

There is great importance placed on the stability of footing provided by synthetic grass surfaces. The footing is always consistent throughout the playing season and not prone to degeneration as the weather worsens. Claims that artificial grass is more dangerous to players due to a higher rate of injury have been shown to be false and, in fact, have suggested that the injury you may sustain will be of a shorter duration than what it may have been on a natural grass surface.

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