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Synthetic Grass The Answer For Hay Fever Sufferers?

There are many documented benefits that can be gained by replacing natural grass with a synthetic grass lawn from environmental to monetary to aesthetic appeal. One more benefit is not identified as frequently as others is something of a health benefit for a small section of the public. Every year at certain times of the year some people suffer debilitating hay fever as the allergen levels produced by some species of grass rise.

The pollen levels from some types of grass result in symptoms such as headaches, runny noses, itchy eyes and loss of sleep. In short, life becomes very uncomfortable for those who suffer mild to moderate allergies and can result in even greater health problems to those who suffer severe reactions. It’s not only humans who suffer from these allergies with dogs also becoming prone to allergies from grass. Unfortunately it is more difficult to tell when your dog is suffering an allergic reaction because the symptoms are not always apparent. Rashes, itchiness and eye irritations are only some of the symptoms that a dog will present. Other reactions such as behaviour changes, loss of appetite and ear irritation could also be traced back to an allergic reaction to the grass in the dog’s immediate environment.

The introduction of a synthetic grass lawn in place of natural grass will remove the majority of allergens from your immediate vicinity which will help to alleviate some of the hay fever triggers. You will be able to go out into your backyard without suffering from some kind of adverse reaction. This will also improve the experience of your dog. By using pet grass, which is simply a type of artificial grass that has been specifically manufactured with dogs and cats in mind, you will be ensuring the health of your pets while also removing hay-fever producing pollens from your yard. Although installing synthetic grass in your backyard won’t completely remove all of the hay-fever triggers from your neighbourhood, it will give you some relief by removing the source that would otherwise be closest to you. You will be able to sit in your garden in the springtime and enjoy the experience without having the aggravation of having to deal with allergies.

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