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Since 2018
Edel Grass has an extensive artificial grass collection for sports applications. All ‘Made to win!’ Our in-company R&D department gives us the ability to design, produce, test, and refine our artificial sports grass systems.
They are designed to offer high-quality use during their entire life span. We strive to deliver systems that perform in any climate and can be used in all weather conditions. Therefore, we only use materials of the highest quality and work with suppliers that can meet to our demanding quality standards.

By involving us in your activities in an early stage, we are able to share our knowledge with you and help you approach your project the right way. We strive to be your partner, to support you in successfully building your projects.
Find the right artificial turf product for your sports application. Via the categories below, you will find our yarn portfolio sorted by sport. In some cases, yarns are suitable for more than one purpose or sport, depending on pile heights, density, and system. Please let our sales department advise you in selecting the best yarn to build your perfect artificial grass sports field. For more information or advice regarding your sports field project
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