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Product of Germany

Slate Lite is a "a real stone surface" stone veneer come with a fiber glass backing. Slate Lite offers  flexibility of design and strength to the stone surface and it is an unique stone material possible to form curves.  


Each slab is one of a kind keeping the feel and optics of a regular slate slab. The properties of real slate on the stone side combined with unbelievable flexibility and light weight backing make it possible to do the most amazing cladding or joinery projects.

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Slate Lite



The extra-thin design slate panel weights around 1 kg per sheet, very easy to transport and convenient to be installed.


Easy to install, easy to transport 

Extra-thin design

[ 3-6mm ]


Easy to install,

easy to transport 

Slate Lite

Cost effective

The Stone Veneer is very cost effective compared with conventional slate 
Slate Lite

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History and Production of


Inspired by more example
EASY to be applied over existing tiles


 Easy to fabricate and apply round objects in wall and flooring project



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