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Cavalier Bremworth

Product of
NEW Zealand

Liveturf Safefall seamless elastic surface is a visual addition to safety flooring. It enables individual combinations of 24 color and largely applicable to adjacent areas like playgrounds, clubhouse, shopping mall & schools, or whereover aesthetically designed and resilient surfaces are required


SafeFall Features

Environmental Friendly


Easy installation


Top layer

(made of PU-bonded 8-10mm EPDM granules)



Bottom Layer

(made of PU-bonded SBR or  Rubber Shred 40mm -100mm)

liveturf edpm list.jpg


Wear layer consisting of solid-coloured EPDM /TPV granules mixed recycling SBR granules with a PU bonding agent Composition

Double-layer thickness

Top layer 8-10 mm

Bottom layer 40-100 mm

liveturf EPDM LIST.jpg
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