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Liveturf Building Materials Group is a leading Hong Kong wholesale distributor of imported building materials, home renovation products and hardware and also provides Truck Protection products.

Through our distribution warehouses we provide a comprehensive range of building products to dealer, contractors and interior designers. Builders and homeowners use our products primarily in new construction and renovation

We carry a full line of exterior, interior, and specialty products that provide quality and value for all types of projects.

Liveturf specialized materials distribution :

  1. Liveturf Luxur Artificial Grass

  2. 3G/4G Soccer Turf

  3. Liveturf Artificial Green Wall

  4. Bennetti Mosstiles

  5. EPDM Playground Safety Surfacing

  6. Children Playground Equipment

  7. Wooden Decking

  8. Wall Protection Panel

  9. Stone Veneer Slate Panels

Liveturf Luxur ArtificialGrass

Artificial Green Wall

Playground Equipment

Wooden Decking

Stone Veneer Slate Panels

3G/4G Soccer Turf

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Bennetti Mosstiles

EPDM Safety Surfacing

Wall Protection Panel

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